Author: mali
Service Area: Insurance
Date: April 2004
Country: Hong Kong



From left to right: Scott Carnachan, Katherine Chu, Kevin Bowers and Martin Lister

Martin Lister, Scott Carnachan, Kevin Bowers and Katherine Chu of Deacons have contributed chapters in the newly published book, Insurance Law and Practice in Hong Kong, published by Sweet and Maxwell Asia. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the regulatory environment of the Hong Kong insurance industry including the requirements for establishing and operating an insurance business in Hong Kong and the basic principles of insurance law applicable to insurance policies.

The price of the book is HK$2,300 per copy. As a contributor, Deacons has been offered a variable discount of not less than 20% on the purchase price and we would like to offer interested clients the opportunity to buy the book at this discounted price. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Insurance Law and Practice in Hong Kong please contact Naomi Killough by 21 May 2004.


The following chapters are included in the book:

Part One: The Industry
Chapter 1:  The Insurance Industry
Chapter 2:  The Regulatory Environment
Chapter 3:  Establishing and Operating an Insurance Business
(The above three chapters were written by Martin Lister and Scott Carnachan.)
Part Two: Policies of Insurance
Chapter 4:  Contract of Insurance
Chapter 5:  Utmost Good Faith
Chapter 6:  Construction of Policies
Chapter 7: Conditions and Warranties in Insurance Agreements
Chapter 8:  The Nature of Insurable Interest
Chapter 9:  Risk
Chapter 10:  Premium
Chapter 11:  Reinstatement
Chapter 12:  Assignment of Insurance Policies
Chapter 13:  The Claims Process
Chapter 14:  Insurance Arbitration
Chapter 15:  Indemnity and Subrogation
Chapter 16: Double Insurance
Chapter 17: Reinsurance
Part Three: Parties to Insurance Contracts
Chapter 18:  The Insurer (written by Kevin Bowers)
Chapter 19:  The Assured
Chapter 20:  Agents
Part Four:  Special Types of Insurance
Chapter 21:  Professional Indemnity Insurance
Chapter 22:  Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
Chapter 23:  Motor Vehicle Insurance (written by Katherine Chu)
Chapter 24:  Personal Insurance
Chapter 25:  Employers Liability Policies
Chapter 26:  Marine Insurance
Chapter 27: Fire, Natural Forces and Property Insurance
Chapter 28: Liability Insurance (written by Katherine Chu)

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